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2022-23 School Year Registration / Registracion para el Año Escolar 2022-2023

Registration and Online Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 school year. Please visit our registration page for more details.

Registraciones para el año escolar 2022-2023 ya estan disponible en internet y en las escuelas.

Visite nuestra pagina de registracion para mas informacion.

2002 Measure "E" Citizens' Oversight Committee

On November 2, 2002, the voters in Holtville passed Measure “E”, a Proposition 39 bond for the Holtville Unified School District. The $8.0 million facilities bond provided the following parameters for use:

“To enhance student safety, install fire safety, energy, emergency communications systems; upgrade electrical wiring, heating, ventilation, lighting, sewer, water/bathroom plumbing systems, construct/acquire/renovate/equip classrooms, math/computer technology labs, libraries, multi-purpose facilities, repair roofs, repair/improve sites; qualify for State matching funds.”

HUSD established a Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) as required by law. The purpose of the Committee was to inform the public concerning the expenditure of the bond proceeds. The Committee performed the following functions:

Ensured that bond revenues were expended only for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, or replacement of school facilities, or the acquisition or lease of real property for school facilities.

Ensured that no funds were used for any teacher nor administrative salaries or other school operating expenses.

As all funds under Measure “E” were exhausted during the Modernization projects of all school sites between 2003-2008, the COC for this bond measure has since disbanded.

The links below provide documents related to the 2002 Measure “E” Bond.