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COVID-19 Safe Reopening Plan

Date: November 12, 2020

I. Introduction
The Holtville Unified School District is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment which promotes academic success and equity for all students. Our community of dedicated professionals is here to provide a world-class education to the children of our community.
HUSD has a rich history of ensuring that each child is given every opportunity to experience academic, social and emotional growth that will help them to become productive, positive contributors to society.

In light of COVID-19 concerns, Holtville schools have not been able to educate students on campus this school year. HUSD is providing Distance Learning and will reevaluate instructional methods as the IC Public Health Dept. updates their guidelines. The following document was created by the Imperial County Office of Education to provide a timeline for the safe reopening of local schools. Further information can be found at the following link.
Pathway to Reopening Our Schools: COVID-19 Recovery Guidance.pdf

When HUSD schools reopen, the District will actively monitor students for COVID-19 related symptoms.

It is expected that parents monitor their child/ren for COVID-19 symptoms (temperature above 100.4° Fahrenheit, cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, nausea, diarrhea, headache, body aches, etc.) prior to sending their child/ren to school every morning.

If the child/ren exhibits any COVID-19 symptoms, the child/ren must remain at home, seek medical attention, and the school site must be notified.

II. Health and Safety

  1. Local Conditions to Reopen
    1. HUSD will follow state and local public health department clearance.
  2. Equipment
    1. Each school site will have a sufficient amount of screening equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).
      1. Facemasks, face shields, gloves, gowns, sneeze guards, thermometers, nursing equipment, etc.
      2. PPE/equipment will be restocked as needed.
    2. Classrooms will be equipped with disposable face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer, plexiglass sneeze guards and thermometers.
      1. Gowns and face shields are available for added protection, or as needed.
  3. Cleaning/Sanitizing Supply
    1. Adequate cleaning/sanitizing supplies will be available at each school site.
      1. Disinfectants, soap, hand-sanitizer, UV lamps, paper towels, facial tissue, etc.
  4. Address Positive COVID-19 Cases and Community Surges
    1. If any individual (student/staff) tests positive for COVID-19 the following measures will be taken:
      1. The HUSD COVID-19 Team, composed of site administrators, the district nurse and district administration, will convene and consult with the Imperial County Public Health Department (ICPHD) when necessary.
      2. The positive individual will be required to provide documentation of the positive test result (PCR) and will be instructed to follow ICPHD isolation orders.
      3. Isolate 10 days from the date of the positive test.
      4. All close contacts of the confirmed positive case will be notified via a combination of phone calls and letters sent home with instructions to follow ICPHD quarantine orders.
      5. All exposed areas on campus will be disinfected accordingly.
      6. All staff and students exposed will be retrained on personal hygiene and the importance of following county orders.
      7. All positive and exposed individuals will be reported to ICPHD via the school reporting portal.
      8. Reporting expectations will be consistent with HIPAA compliance and guidance from the health department.
      9. All instruction and learning will be conducted via distance learning for the individuals placed in isolation or quarantine.
      10. Prior to the resolution of the isolation period, the COVID-19 Team shall contact the positive individual to evaluate if the discontinuation of isolation guidelines have been met.
      11. A negative test or clearance from a physician will be required to return to campus after the isolation period is complete.
      12. A return to campus date will be determined and communicated by the COVID-19 Team.
      13. The HUSD COVID-19 team will consult with the ICPHD school liaison at any time deemed necessary.
    2. If an individual within a cohort tests positive for COVID-19, the entire cohort will be dismissed to follow isolation & quarantine orders, which will allow for additional cleaning and disinfecting.
    3. If two or more individuals, in different cohorts, on the same school site test positive for COVID-19 within fourteen (14) calendar days all cohorts at that school site will switch to distance learning for a minimum of 72 hours to conduct additional cleaning and disinfecting.
      1. The school site will reopen upon approval from the district COVID-19 Team.
    4. In consultation with the HUSD Board of Trustees, the COVID-19 Team may close one or more schools and switch to distance learning for the safety of the staff, students, and community if one or more of the following occurs:
      1. Classroom closure: If within a 14 day period, 5% of students and staff in a classroom test positive for the virus, the classroom will close to in-person learning and revert to distance learning. All individuals in the classroom will quarantine for 14 days.
      2. School closure: If within a 14 day period, 5% of students and staff in a school test positive for the virus or when there are multiple cases in multiple cohorts at a school, the school will close to in-person learning and revert to distance learning. All individuals in the school will quarantine for 14 days.
      3. District closure: If within a 14 day period, 5% of students and staff in the district test positive for the virus, the district will close to in-person learning and revert to distance learning. All individuals in the district will quarantine for 14 days.
    5. The ICPHD, HUSD Board of Trustees and the COVID-19 Team will determine when it is appropriate to return to in-person instruction. This may occur after 14 days to allow for proper notification of all exposed individuals, further cleaning and disinfecting of school sites and retraining of COVID safety and prevention measures.
  5. Address the School’s Role in Identifying, Documenting, Tracing, Monitoring and Reporting COVID-19 infections:
    1. Identifying: Active screening
      1. Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check-In/Questionnaire for all staff and students.
      2. Daily temperature check for all staff and students.
      3. Additional staff will be hired and trained to assist with, but not limited to the following: screening process, monitoring outside classroom movement, and supervising isolation rooms.
      4. Screening staff will be trained on screening protocols, use of screening equipment and COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Documenting, Tracing and Monitoring:
      1. The Synergy student information system will be used to document, trace and monitor individuals within the school district.
      2. The COVID-19 Team and Human Resource Department will review employee sick calls/symptoms.
    3. Reporting protocols
      1. HUSD will follow the Imperial County Public Health Department (ICPHD) reporting protocols.
      2. All positive cases will be reported to ICPHD.
        1. Anyone exposed/in close contact (as defined by the CDC) to the positive individual will be reported to ICPHD.
        2. All outbreaks (3 or more positive cases within a 14 day period) will be reported for further guidance from the ICPHD.
      3. The COVID-19 Team will keep an open line of communication with the local health department school liaison.

III. Campus Access

  1. Student
    1. Students will enter and exit campus at designated access points throughout campus to avoid close contact and/or mixing of cohorts.
    2. All students will be screened daily prior to entering campus. Permission to enter campus will not be granted if the check-in is not complete.
      1. Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check-in/Questionnaire
      2. Temperature check
    3. Any student exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of screening (i.e. 100.4° Fahrenheit or above temperature, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, chills, head or muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting) will not be permitted on campus.
      1. The symptomatic student will be separated from the other students.
      2. The parent/guardian will be notified and instructed to pick the student up.
      3. Parents may be advised to have their child tested for COVID-19 and maintain home isolation until cleared by medical personnel for return to school.
    4. While on campus students will be monitored throughout the day for signs of illness.
      1. Teachers/aides will receive training on symptoms of COVID-19 and how to properly report to the nurse/health clerks if a student develops symptoms.
    5. Students who exhibit symptoms at school will be removed from their cohort and placed in a designated isolation area to wait until a parent/guardian arrives.
      1. Designated isolation rooms or areas will be assigned at each school site.
      2. Staff assigned to an isolation room will wear appropriate PPE while monitoring a suspected positive COVID-19 student.
  2. Staff
    1. Staff will self-monitor COVID-19 symptoms prior to leaving home.
    2. Staff must complete the HUSD Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check-In/Questionnaire prior to coming to campus.
    3. Permission to enter campus will not be granted if the check-in is not completed.
    4. Each staff member entering campus will have his/her temperature taken at the designated location.
      1. Any staff member exhibiting signs of COVID-19 symptoms at the time of screening (i.e. 100.4° Fahrenheit or above temperature, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, chills, head or muscle aches, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting) will not be permitted on campus.
      2. The staff member will be responsible to notify their supervisor and instructed to go home.
    5. The staff member may be advised to get tested for COVID-19 and maintain home isolation until cleared by medical personnel for return to school.
    6. Staff who display COVID-19 symptoms at school must immediately inform their supervisor and will be sent home to await guidance from the COVID-19 Team.
    7. Students in the class will be removed from the potentially exposed environment.
  3. Outside Visitors and Groups
    1. Visitors will not be permitted on campus.
    2. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, use of facilities requests must include additional safety measures and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Site administrators will establish protocol for accepting deliveries and communicate those protocols to their staff.

IV. Hygiene

  1. Staff Training and Family Education (age-appropriate)
    1. Staff will be required to complete the “COVID-19 School Based Guidelines” online training.
    2. Staff will receive training by the district nurse on COVID-19 safety and prevention measures covering the following areas:
      1. What is COVID-19?
      2. How is COVID-19 transmitted?
      3. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
      4. When to seek medical care?
      5. What should you do if you are COVID-19 positive?
      6. What are the risk factors for COVID-19?
      7. What are effective safety & prevention measures?
    3. Staff will receive education and video demonstrations on the following:
      1. Proper hand washing/disinfecting techniques.
      2. Proper respiratory etiquette.
      3. Proper use of a face mask.
    4. Teachers will educate their students as to COVID-19 Guidelines, proper hand washing/disinfecting techniques, respiratory etiquette, and the proper use of a face mask.
    5. Signage is posted throughout campuses requiring the use of face coverings, hand washing, proper respiratory etiquette and social distancing.
    6. Families will be educated via the following: HUSD website, signage throughout all campuses, flyers that are sent home, school social media accounts, online meetings and other communication platforms.
    7. HUSD will continue to inform all stakeholders of the latest updates regarding Imperial County Public Health Department COVID-19 Guidelines on a regular basis.
  2. Equipment
    1. Hand-washing stations/hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout campus.
    2. Hand sanitizer is available in the classrooms and students have access to wash their hands when needed.
    3. Teachers will implement a daily hand hygiene routine in their classroom.

V. Physical Distancing

  1. On Campus
    1. Physical distancing of 6 feet or more will be enforced for all individuals on campus.
    2. Signage will be posted throughout campus to reinforce social distancing.
    3. Students will be escorted to and from classrooms by a designated staff member while maintaining 6 feet distance.
    4. Classrooms will be arranged to ensure 6 feet distance between students and staff.
    5. Sneeze guards will be utilized in class for added protection.
    6. The movement of students outside of the classroom will be minimized and monitored by staff to prevent intermingling of cohorts.
    7. Face mask guidance shall follow the California Department of Public Health at:
    8. Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings 06/18/2020
  2. Outdoor Recreation Areas
    1. Physical distancing should always be maintained when students are outside.
    2. School outdoor recreation areas will not be used until advised otherwise by state or local health officials.
    3. Only contactless Physical Education will be allowed, as well as activities, in which equipment is not shared.
  3. Classrooms
    1. Rearranged furniture and play spaces to ensure 6 feet distancing between students.
    2. Physical distancing should always be maintained when students are taken outside.
    3. All students will face the same direction.
    4. Masks required in classrooms.
    5. Open windows & doors if possible to allow for increased circulation of outdoor air.
  4. Food Service
    1. Food service staff will wear PPE during food preparation and the serving of meals.
    2. If social distancing is not permissible in the cafeteria/lunch area, breakfast and lunch may be served in the classroom or grab and go service will be available for consumption at home to eliminate mixing of cohorts.
    3. If social distancing is possible, breakfast and lunch will be served in the cafeteria/lunch area utilizing:
      1. self-contained containers (disposable) to avoid exposure of food items.
      2. staggered lunch periods.
      3. limited physical interaction during meal service.
      4. suspended self-service and shared tables.
  5. Staff
    1. Plan for physical distancing among staff.
    2. Staff should avoid congregating in any area that the 6 ft distancing requirement cannot be met.
    3. Workspaces will be rearranged and ‘distancing’ information will be displayed.
    4. Social distancing will be adhered to during staff development meetings.
    5. Adjust staff schedules as necessary.
    6. Staff engaging in screening students, parents and employees must wear facemasks and disposable gloves.

VI. Cleaning/Disinfecting
The Holtville Unified School District will maintain high standards of cleanliness.

  1. Custodial staff involved in disinfecting and cleaning should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times and follow supervisor instructions when disinfecting COVID-19 exposed areas.
  2. Classroom staff will disinfect surface areas routinely throughout the day, such as:
    1. Desks and tables, chairs, keyboards, phones, headsets, and other high-touch areas.
  3. Daily disinfecting of high-touch surfaces will be performed by custodial staff, such as:
    1. Door handles, desks, chairs, phones, sneeze guards, drinking fountains, sink handles, restroom surfaces, and floors.
    2. Daily use of UV light to disinfect classrooms.
  4. HVAC systems will aid in circulating outside air into the classrooms. Maintenance of HVAC systems will be conducted frequently.
  5. Ensure restrooms are maintained, stocked and sanitized frequently throughout the school day.

VII. Communication with Students, Parents, Employees, Public Health Officials, and the Community

  1. HUSD will engage stakeholders of the COVID-19 Safe Reopening School Plan.
  2. HUSD will communicate COVID-19 Safe Reopening School Plan to stakeholders as well as community members.
  3. All stakeholders will be informed of COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

VIII nstructional Programs
The Holtville Unified School District may start the school year with one or more of the three models below and transition as new health and safety information becomes available.

  • Distance Learning: one hundred percent of the learning/coursework is done from home.
  • Hybrid Model: some learning is done at school in person and some learning is done from home through an online platform.
  • Regular Schedule: students attend school on a daily basis with teachers.

In the event that the Holtville Unified School District must open in an online format, the district will follow AB 77- Education Budget Trailer Bill guidelines as follows:

  1. Provide daily live interaction between teacher and students for the purpose of instruction, progress monitoring, and maintaining school connectedness.
    1. Live Online Instruction(Synchronous): interactive sessions along with some online/electronic assignments.
    2. Online Assignments (Asynchronous): online/electronic homework with due dates that students can complete from home along with teacher feedback.
    3. Recorded Instruction: learning sessions that students can access on demand to supplement/support live instruction along with some assignments.
  2. Provide high quality instruction aligned to grade level standards.
  3. Accommodations necessary will continue to be provided and monitored for all Special Education students/students with 504’s to ensure they follow Individual Education Plans during distance learning.
  4. Designated and integrated instruction for English Learners will continue with support to access curriculum, assessments, and reclassification.
  5. Provide academic and other supports to assist students with extra needs.
  6. Assist with providing access to Internet connectivity as well as electronic devices in order to complete assigned work.

IX. Mental Health and Well-being of All

  1. Support and promote student wellness on a regular basis (i.e. check-ins, etc.).
  2. Promote daily routines in the classroom setting and include mindfulness strategies.
  3. Support and promote staff wellness (trainings, techniques, strategies, etc.).
  4. Continue targeted intervention of students and staff.
  5. Inform community of local resources (food banks, Medi-Cal, child care, etc.).

X. School Services

  1. Transportation will follow COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines as well as social distancing guidelines.
    1. Student temperatures will be taken by the Bus aide/ driver before entering the bus.
    2. Students who are symptomatic will not be allowed to board the bus or come on campus.
    3. Possible two students per seat wearing masks at all times.
    4. Students will be supervised by a bus driver or bus aide.
    5. Students from the same family may sit together.
    6. Parents and students will be instructed to maintain the required 6 ft of distancing and wear masks while waiting to load or unload the bus.
    7. Students will be seated from the rear forward to prevent passing.
    8. 8Students who will be getting off the bus first should board last and sit in the front of the bus going home in the afternoon.
  2. Food Service will follow COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines as well as social distancing guidelines and the following procedures:
    1. Signage is posted on how to stay healthy in the food service area and cafeteria.
    2. Meals will be individually plated and produce will be individually wrapped (no self-serve).
    3. Entrees will be individually wrapped.
    4. Seating will be rearranged to ensure physical distancing inside and outside of the cafeteria.
    5. Signage is posted to enforce 6 feet social distancing.
    6. Food Service staff is implementing a touchless point of service system for students.
    7. Grab-and-go meals for students not on campus will continue to be made available.

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