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Air Conditioner Refresh Phase 1

To keep a safe and comfortable learning environment Holtville Unified School District routinely monitors and replaces outdated air conditioning units. This RFP is for the replacement of 15 air conditioner units at Holtville High School and Holtville Middle School.

This project will be based on the bidding out of the installation and configuration of one five-ton wall mounted unit, ten five-ton packaged units and four ten-ton packaged units and all related hardware. A walkthrough is required prior to bidding.

Call Miguel Mata to schedule a walkthrough before the 21st of July. Hours available for walkthrough are Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

For more information read the complete RFP below:

Due to changes in facility needs the minimum SEER2 rating has changed as well as the total number of five-ton packaged units. See addendum below.

District Contact:

Miguel Mata

Director of Maintenance and Operations

Holtville Unified School District


Questions: Call 760-356-2974, ask for Miguel Mata.