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Emergency Notification System RFP

Emergency Notification System RFP

Public Announcement System,

Emergency Notification System and Bell System

Due date: August 3, 2022 --> August 10, 2022

As a response to the pandemic and other emergencies that threaten public health and safety, Holtville Unified School District is looking to implement Valcom’s IP6000 platform as a new public announcement system, emergency notification system and bell system to protect staff, students, and community from COVID outbreaks and other incidents that may threaten public health and safety. We are currently utilizing an analog public announcement (PA) system that has no emergency notification functionality built in.

This project will be based on the bidding out of the installation and configuration of Valcom’s IP6000 platform and all related hardware and wiring. A walkthrough is required prior to bidding.

For more information read the document linked below:

Link to a document

Due to summer schedules the due date has been changed to August 10, 2023. See addendum below:

Link to a document

District Contact:

Anthony Martinez

Senior Enterprise Systems and Network Engineer

Holtville Unified School District


Questions: Call 760-356-0096, ask for Anthony Martinez.