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Financial Reports

During each fiscal year, the Business Department will provide the Board of Trustees with financial submissions in order to satisfy State and local reporting requirements, as well as to provide transparency to the public with regard to the District's financial data.

Reporting Periods

  • June/July = Initial Budget Adoption (presented with prior year Estimated Actuals)
  • September = First Revision of the Current Year (presented with prior year Unaudited Actuals)
  • December = First Interim Report
  • March = Second Interim Report
  • June = Estimated Actuals Report (presented with the following year July 1 Budget)
  • September = Unaudited Actuals Report (presented with the following year Unaudited Actuals)
  • December/January = Annual Audit Report


Below are links to previously submitted financial reports. Should you have any questions regarding the reports or any financial matters of the District, please contact John-Paul Wells, Assistant Superintendent at 760-356-2974 or for further information.