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School Impact/Developer Fees

Assembly Bill 2926 of 1986 (later codified by California Government Code Section 17620) authorizes school districts to levy one-time school developer fees on new residential and commercial development, as well as renovations that include the addition of assessable square footage over 500 square feet. These funds are only to be used for construction and modernization of school facilities and must be paid to the school district as part of the building permit process with the City of Holtville.

Projects exempted from school fees include:

  • Covered, but no enclosed spaces(i.e. patios and walkways)
  • Garages and carports
  • Barns and Green Houses
  • Churches or Temple Sanctuaries
  • Private Schools
  • Senior Citizen Housing

Purpose and Current Rates

The purpose of these fees is to offset the cost of additional students generated by projected development. At this time, HUSD charges Level I Developer Fees only.

As of June 2024, these fees are as follows:

Residential: $4.79/square foot
Commercial: $0.78/square foot

Beginning in July 2024 and pending board action, the fees are expected to increase as follows:

Residential: $5.17/square foot
Commercial: $0.84/square foot

Justification Study

The District must conduct a justification study every two years to demonstrate the relationship between development and its impact to school facilities. Click the link below for the most current justification study:

Annual Reporting

In addition, as required by Government Code Sections 66006 and 66001, the District must also report financial information regarding the fees collected and their expenditure, as well as construction projects expected to be completed in the next 5 years. This report is required to be made public within 180 days after the close of the previous fiscal year and must be approved by the Governing Board no earlier than 15 days thereafter. Below are previous reports approved by the HUSD Governing Board with regard to these fees.


Please contact John-Paul Wells, Assistant Superintendent, by email at, or by telephone at 760-356-2974 if you have any questions or concerns regarding school developer fees.